Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation

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It is a process that gives the breasts a natural and attractive shape and addresses the problems of small or different breast size, where several methods and methods are used.

What are the methods used in breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation has multiple and different methods of safety, which are as follows:
1- Breast augmentation using the modern breast stent: This method is the safest and most effective method, as it has obtained the international accreditation certificate from the Federal Disease and Drug Administration, and this stent is installed without apparent surgery. A small incision is made in the brown area around the nipple, and the implant is placed through it. This stent works to increase the size of the chest, lift it and tighten it in proportion to the shape of the body, due to the availability of these stents of different sizes to suit each body. It interferes with breastfeeding and does not affect the sensation. Two weeks after the operation, the wound disappears completely, so that the person himself cannot notice it, and this is the opposite of what was happening in the surgical breast augmentation process.

2- Breast augmentation using autologous fat:
This method is done by taking fat from multiple areas of the body and injecting it into the breast. This method is completely natural, which is why many women prefer it. Because it gives them big and natural breasts.

3- Silicone breast augmentation

is a process whereby a silicone membrane is placed that consists of a gel and gives the breast a natural shape and texture, but if the silicone is exposed to leakage or the like, it leads to health problems.

What are the advantages of breast augmentation?

There are many things that characterize the breast augmentation process, which made many girls accept it, and these advantages are:
1- A final solution to the problem of small breasts.
2- Safe and has no complications. 3- Do not leave a trace where it is performed in the brown nipple area. 4- It does not affect the woman’s feeling
5- It is done under general anesthesia
6- No pain.
7- It does not take more than an hour or two inside the operating room.
8- You can leave the hospital after several hours.
9- You can lead a normal life after a short period of time.

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Tips to know before breast augmentation surgery

Before breast augmentation, there are several steps to follow to achieve the desired result.-

Tips to be followed after breast augmentation:

After the breast augmentation procedure, you must follow some of the tips that the doctor writes for you, including:-

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